Benefits of keeping a tidy Comms room

Benefits of keeping a tidy Comms room
Whether retro-fitting an existing cabinet for any sort of improvements or modifications, or setting a cabinet up for the first time, it's important to keep things tidy. Here are some key points to ensuring any work in your comms room happens without a hitch, and reduces the costs for your business.

1. Colour Coding Cables for Consistency

When setting up a cabinet for the first time, there are a number of ways you can help keep things visually smart, but also assist in any future work as well. The most visually impacting way of doing so is by colour coding any patch cables you use in the cabinet. You can use any colour scheme you like, so long as you can get the cables in your required colour.

You could divide colour by location, usage, distance, and so on.

2. Ensure any retro-fitting work follows the same tidiness standard

It's easy for us to forget that the comms room exists sometimes, it's out of the way, and nobody really needs to go in there unless something goes wrong most of the time. But despite this, any work that goes on in a comms room, whether its by an in-house IT department, or external contractor, must follow the standard that is set. If your comms room is a mess, then there is no incentive to do things in a neat and tidy way.

Ensure that an inspection is carried out before the work has ended, to ensure that any work done is to a satisfactory level, and to ensure the quality of your comms room is kept up to par.

3. Ensure you have adequate cable management

If routing your cables through your cabinet seems difficult, you may have to ask yourself if you have enough spaces in the cabinet itself dedicated to managing cable, if not, then you may struggle to keep it looking nice if more cables are added to the mix.

Why should I bother tidying my comms room?

The comms cabinet is, for the most of us, out of sight - out of mind. So why bother? The simple answer is cost. If you have a particularly messy cabinet, any work that involves moving cables around or doing a restructuring of the setup is going to take longer, and cost more.

If a cabinet is neat and tidy, all cables are clearly visible and accessible. Moving cables from one location to another is easy, and in the event of a relocation of your cabinet, then the entire process is much smoother, and takes less time.

If you have a Comms room that could do with a tidy, then contact us.

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