Millrose launch two new data network services

Millrose launch two new data network services

As the Commercial side of our business continues to grow, we have added in two new services: Terminate and Test, and Comms Room Service.

Terminate and Test 

 Our Terminate and Test service is ideal for projects where electrical contractors have installed cables on site but expert data engineers are needed to terminate (copper cabling) or splice (fibre optic). Our engineers are highly experienced in termination and splicing, with specialist tools and highly calibrated splicing equipment.

We can also provide a three level testing service for data networks, either on our own installations or testing existing networks: Verification, Qualification and Certification:



This is basic level testing to check basic continuity check and confirm, via wiremap testing, that the cable is providing functionality from end to end. Verification also provides basic troubleshooting to ensure your network is up and running but does not qualify or certify a cable to manufacturer and specification standards if a warranty is required.


Cable qualification testing includes the Verification criteria, but more accurately troubleshoots any issues and qualifies cable bandwidth with more advanced testing equipment.  Qualification also determines whether the cables installed can support Gigabit Ethernet and VOIP. This is an ideal solution for smaller sized installations, or if you do not require the manufacturer warranty.


Where installations need to meet strict industry standards, and for future-proofing your cable installation, Certification is the most rigorous of the testing levels. Certification includes all the components of Verification and Qualification, but using highly-calibrated certification test equipment. We will robustly test your network cabling to assess performance and confirm specification compliance. Our engineers will provide you with a full graphical report of your network’s performance in pdf format.
To find out more about our Terminate and Test service, please visit our Terminate and Test webpage

Comms Rooms Service


Our Comms Room Service has been officially launched as a service following several requests to sort out messy Comms Rooms and data cabinets.  Spaghetti-like, trailing cables can be a health and safety hazard, cause additional cost and time in tracing cables for moves, adds and relocations and become crowded and unreliable. 
Millrose offers a complete Comms Room Service to maximise the performance of your network. We can untangle and unravel many years of network cabling and radically improve your cable management. This service can also be conducted outside of normal business hours to avoid any disruption.
And, if you need to add more devices or grow your network infrastructure, we also offer data cabinet installation and relocation.

Contact us to arrange a survey of your data cabinet/comms room and a no-obligation quote to ensure your cabling is left neat, tidy, and highly organised.

Got a project in mind? Please contact us for a site survey and quote.

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