The Benefits of Wi-Fi Surveys for Businesses

The Benefits of Wi-Fi Surveys for Businesses

As businesses have evolved and workplaces are now more reliant on good internet connectivity, it is essential that you monitor your wireless (Wi-Fi) services to ensure  optimum accessiblity for your employees and customers.

A Wi-Fi site survey is essential in the planning and installation of a wireless network for your business. Using our own Wi-Fi signal if one currently does not yet exist, our AirMagnet survey can identify potential signal hotspots and “notspots” in your building. We also propose recommendations with full costings on solutions to maximise your network coverage.

How does your business benefit from a Wi-Fi Survey?

With a fast and reliable internet connection, your teams can work seamlessly and efficiently – which is better for you and for your customers! This is true for employees who work in the office and from home, as virtual communication becomes an essential element of modern business.  By conducting a survey, you can discover where to install routers, boosters or Wireless Access Points, to make sure that you are getting the very best from your local internet connection.

If there are existing problems with your Wi-Fi signal or connection speeds, a site survey will identify the issues and help you avoid them in future. You may discover that you have too many devices for one network, causing slow speeds; your router may be located in an area where the signal is being disrupted by a physical obstruction or that you have multiple users across a wide area, such as a large office across many rooms or floors.

You should also consider the impact of a cyber attack on your network, which could lead to a total loss of connectivity. A Wi-Fi survey can improve your cyber security and reduce the risk of your network failing and disrupting your business.

With any business, it is good to be able to assess costs in advance. A Wi-Fi survey will advise on whether your networks are performing well or if you need to consider an upgrade. With some advance planning, you can save time and money as well as making informed decisions about your current internet connectivity and also for the future. It makes sense to invest in a connectivity solution which is proven to work and has the potential to adapt alongside future technologies.

If you receive regular visitors to your premises, a poor wireless connection can be annoying and leave a poor impression on potential customers. People are more likely to return to a business if they leave with a good impression. If you host regular meetings or events, bear in mind that you will also need a solid internet connection for communication and presentations. A Wi-Fi survey can check and advise on whether your connectivity will be able to meet the expectations of your delegates and clients.

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