Crackly line

Crackly line

Crackly lines are mostly caused by moisture entering the phone cable. This could be an external issue, such as damaged or perished overhead cabling, or flooding in the underground chambers where phone lines come from the exchange to distribute to houses. This is very common after heavy rainfall or after snow thaw. If this is the cause of the crackly line, then it is your service provider’s responsibility to fix free of charge.


However, crackly lines internally – for example if you have a crackling extension, may be due to either moisture entering the phone socket or damage to the internal wiring. If you take a look at the wiring, you may be able to spot any damage (often caused by furniture, pets or DIY). In this case, you may need to have the wiring or master socket replaced. We can assist with this issue, so please give us a call.

“Ringtrip” is when your phone rings mysteriously and there is nobody at the other end of the line.

It might only ring once or a couple of times and then stop. Or it might only ring once  when someone is trying to call. You may not realise that you have “ring trip” until someone points out that they have been trying to call you and you’ve not had the phone ring.

Ringtrip is caused by a number of reasons. It could be a fault with the service provider, it could be a problem with your master socket or an extension fault.

Please contact us for further advice on 07884 293 102.

If, however, you are receiving malicious or troublesome calls from somebody, then there are a couple of ways to deal with these:

Unsolicited calls

These are telemarketing calls from companies who are often trying to sell  you something, carry out surveys or send recording advertising messages. You can register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) who will make sure that your number is not made available for marketing purposes. Check out the TPS website for more details on how to register with them

Please note, if you subsequently tick the “opting in” box for any marketing purposes with future companies then that company will be able to contact you – so make sure that you are not opting in to receive sales calls.

Malicious and nuisance calls

These are often distressing and can be either obscene  and abusive calls or threats to your wellbeing. If you feel you are receiving these types of calls, contact your service provider on the following numbers:

BT: 0800 661 441
Virgin: 150 or 0800 953 3333
Sky: 08702 404040
TalkTalk: Click here

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