Specialist fibre optic installation, termination/splicing (single-mode and multi-mode), fault finding, testing and repair

As well as being fast, reliable and secure, fibre broadband is ideal for your business if:

Multiple people need to be online

You need to sync any data

You need to hold video calls

You’re hosting a web service

You need to upload/download files quickly & securely

You need to log onto your computer system remotely or use a VPN

Millrose Datacom fibre services include:

Fibre optic installation

Termination/splicing (single-mode and multi-mode)

Fault finding

Testing and repair

All of our installations are performed to excellent standards by highly qualified engineers. Our attention to detail ensures that customers receive fast, cost efficient solutions for all of their business needs.

We'll minimise your business downtime by getting your fibre broadband up and running as soon as possible in the event of damage or a fault. Using cutting edge techniques and experienced engineers, we make sure that any testing or repairs to your fibre optic network run smoothly and efficiently.

We understand that fibre optic broadband is a big investment for your business; that's why we're on hand to comprehensively check and professionally manage your cable networks.