No Dial Tone?

It is your service provider’s responsibility to ensure your phone line is working externally up to, and including, the master socket in your house.  This is the main point where your telephone handset plugs in at the wall. It usually has the provider’s name on it, e.g. BT.


The provider’s responsibility includes the overhead wires to the telegraph pole (or underground) and the cabling that runs outside your house up to the master socket and if there is a fault on these then they will fix it free of charge.

There are a few things you can do to check where the fault may lie to avoid any costly service provider call-outs.

To check that your phone handset isn’t at fault, try plugging in a different handset to the master socket and see if you still have no dial tone. If you still have no dial tone, contact your service provider. If you have dial tone at the master socket, but not on one of your extensions – try plugging in a phone, that you know works, into the extension. If it’s still dead, give us a call as it may be your wiring or socket at fault. We charge around half the price of service providers to fix internal faults.

All wiring inside your house, and any extensions that you have (even if the wiring runs outside to an outbuilding), is your responsibility to maintain. The service provider will charge you if your wiring or handsets are deemed faulty.

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